Apparently many would like to use Postman to test the performance of their APIs. Unfortunately, Postman has not been designed for this and is lacking essential features. Still, people try. Let’s explore why Postman is not the right tool for the job.

What is Postman?

Postman has become a synonym for trying out, testing, or debugging APIs without writing a line of code. The product has evolved into an almost complete collaboration tool for API Development and over 8 million people use it.

OK, so we have established that Postman is super popular and people…

One of the most common scenarios is having different environments and security credentials for development, testing, and production. But what to do if you need to use multiple AWS accounts in the same pipeline? Can you use AWS profiles with GitLab CI?

Single account AWS deployment

Let’s begin with the basics of how we do this for a single account and I will take as an example the upload of a file to AWS S3.

I will set up a new S3 bucket, create the credentials in IAM (the AWS user with programmatic access to the…

Getting started with writing JavaScript code for API tests is not easy. Let’s take a look at some of the most common errors you might encounter while using Postman.

Reciving an empty response from the API and trying to parse it as JSON, will fail with this error:

JSONError: No data, empty input at 1:1 ^

As a content creator, you sometimes forget where you have downloaded your YouTube video thumbnail and need to retrieve a high-resolution copy. If you won’t want to rely on 3rd party websites, here is how to do it. No tools are required.

Step 1: Getting the video id

Open your video on YouTube. Let’s take this video as an example:

Now, look at the URL. It should look something similar to this:

The YouTube video id is the text that appears after the equal sign. In this case, the video id is: juuhb3W8xT4

Wherever you see <YOUR…

I know that some of you are not using Postman at its full potential and this is sometimes due to a lack of experience with JavaScript.

I have just created a free online course that introduces you to JavaScript for Postman API tests.

Watch it here:

I hope you will find it useful.

Keep in touch,


If you are getting this error message when trying to import an older Postman collection, I will show you what to do.

Postman Collection Format v1 is no longer supported and can not be imported directly. You may convert your collection to Format v2 and try importing again.

This error appears when you try to import a Postman collection which used the first version of the Postman collection data format, this is…

One of the most common issues while getting started with Git and GitHub is setting up the SSH private and public keys. On top of this, Git password authentication is no longer available on GitHub.


As of August 13, 2021, GitHub is no longer allowing you to use your Github account password to work with Git. One easy and much more secure way of interacting with your GitHub repositories is to generate an SSH key and to close your Git repositories with SSH.

The most…

AWS Elastic Beanstalk allows you to deploy on different platforms including Java, Python, PHP, and a few others. But this tutorial focuses on deploying a single Docker container web application. The focus is on automating the deployment process by using AWS CLI from any CI/CD server, like Jenkins, GitLab CI, or CircleCI.

I am trying to cover the basic steps needed to accomplish this, but I am assuming you are already familiar with Docker, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and using the AWS CLI.

In a nutshell, this process involves three AWS services and can be resumed like this:

  • define the Dockerfile and build…

For a long time, working with SOAP in Postman was not natively supported and you had to create all requests from scratch or copy-paste them from SoapUI. Now you can import a WSDL file in Postman and autogenerate a Postman collection. Let me show you how.

For this example, I will be using the Calculator Web Service available at The WSDL file is, as expected, available at:

Make sure that you can successfully open the WSDL in your browser before proceeding to Postman.

The WSDL file is available by appending the query parameter ?WSDL to the URL.

Open Postman and click on Import > Link and paste the…

Are you testing a Websocket API and are wondering if Postman can help you with this? Yes, sort of. Let’s explore together what Postman can and can’t do in terms of working with WebSocket APIs.

A very brief history

Historically speaking, Postman has been used as an HTTP client. It did not matter if you were working with a REST API, SOAP Web Services, or, more recently, GraphQL.

All these API architectural styles (if you can call it like that) had something in common: HTTP. This protocol is not…

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