While you can argue that a GoPro Hero 10 is a way too expensive webcam, we have seen incredible high prices for traditional webcam models from Logitech, like Logitech Brio 4K, which went as high as $200 in the USA or as high as 271€ in Europe.

GoPro Hero 10 is not a webcam, but you can use it as a webcam

I have a Macbook Pro 15" and the camera on my device is not great. The angle is not great (unless you want to see my ceiling) and the video quality at 720p leaves a lot to be desired.

Every since the pandemic has started, I have fantasized about getting…

With Node.js being a popular runtime environment for JavaScript applications and various tools, it is no wonder that you need to install Node.js on your Windows machine. This tutorial will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

From where to download Node.js?

If you point your browser to https://nodejs.org/, you will be offered the following options:

Node.js LTS vs Current

So which Node.js version to install? For most use-cases, the LTS (Long Term Support) version is the safest way to ensure that whatever you are trying to run will actually work.

The current version may contain…

In terms of data-driven testing, Postman allows you to load a CSV or a JSON file with test data. But sometimes that data set comes from an API. In this Postman tutorial, I wanted to show you how to reuse a request and loop over a set of data from a previous request.

The problem

Let’ take a look at the following POST request in Postman.

As you can see, both the customerName and the toolId used in this request are hardcoded.

Let’s now assume that we want to test this endpoint using a set of tools, and to get valid data, we can’t use…

If you wish to create your own infrastructure for running GitLab CI jobs, you need to host your own GitLab Runners. But which executor to select? Shell, SSH, or Docker? Or something else?

GitLab CI employs a different architecture, compared to the default installation of more traditional CI servers, like Jenkins. In a nutshell, the GitLab server will always delegate the work of actually running a job to a GitLab Runner, which will sit somewhere on a different server.

Here are the most…

Quite often we use GitLab CI to dockerize our applications. But how to start a Docker container from the GitLab Container Registry? Can we use Docker Compose? A lesser-known feature in GitLab CI is the services keyword which allows you to start one or more Docker images and link them to your job. Let’s explore how this works.


Allow me to describe the following scenario for a pipeline. I have built a Node.js application that exposes an API.

So the current pipeline has the following stages:

  • build where all dependencies are installed
  • test where all unit tests and executed
  • package where the application is dockerized and the image…

Using the Amazon Elastic Container Registry outside of AWS is not straightforward. There is no static username and password that you can generate once and use it forever. In this article, I will explore a possible solution for pulling from ECR in GitLab CI jobs.

Let’s begin with a simple example:

do stuff:
image: 12345678.dkr.ecr.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/myimage:latest
- whoami

If you are trying to use a Docker image from a private Docker registry in GitLab CI, you may get an error similar to this one:

WARNING: Failed to pull image with policy "always": Error response from…

While Dockerhub is a public registry that is essentially used by everyone, you don’t always need to use it. You can build your own Docker images and publish them in the GitLab Container Registry, which can act as a private registry.

Maybe you are wondering if there is a way to store Docker images at GitLab and use them in pipelines. There are many reasons why you may want to use the GitLab Container Registry. There are two typical use-cases:

  • to store your dockerized applications
  • to use your own Docker image…

Apparently many would like to use Postman to test the performance of their APIs. Unfortunately, Postman has not been designed for this and is lacking essential features. Still, people try. Let’s explore why Postman is not the right tool for the job.

What is Postman?

Postman has become a synonym for trying out, testing, or debugging APIs without writing a line of code. The product has evolved into an almost complete collaboration tool for API Development and over 8 million people use it.

OK, so we have established that Postman is super popular and people…

One of the most common scenarios is having different environments and security credentials for development, testing, and production. But what to do if you need to use multiple AWS accounts in the same pipeline? Can you use AWS profiles with GitLab CI?

Single account AWS deployment

Let’s begin with the basics of how we do this for a single account and I will take as an example the upload of a file to AWS S3.

I will set up a new S3 bucket, create the credentials in IAM (the AWS user with programmatic access to the…

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